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Gluten Free Berry Crunch Cake Recipe

Gluten free berry crunch

The cooler weather brings out the sweet tooth in me. There is nothing better on a cool night (or afternoon!) than a fruity, crunchy, almost crumble but really a cake treat. This recipe covers ALL those options. Sweet, easy, gluten free and FODMAP friendly, you could almost pretend this one is healthy. Almost! But it […]

Gluten Free Carrot Cake Recipe

Gluten free carrot cake

Have you ever had an ingredient that needs using, you know, something that has been kicking around for ages and the best before date is looming? Recently, my fridge gifted me with a pack of cream cheese – best before date so close. What to do with cream cheese? I considered gluten free chicken pie, […]

Gluten Free Lemon Slice: 2 Ingredient

Gluten Free Lemon Slice made from 2 ingredients

Recently, I was on the hunt for a sweet treat. Opening and closing the pantry, stalking the fridge – hunting. I turned to the internet for something gluten-free, taste-filled and easy. It needed to be simple. I slowly narrowed my internet search to lemon flavour. It was then I discovered 2 ingredient gluten free lemon slice! […]

White Chocolate Mud Cake: Gluten Free

white chocolate mud cake

I have been after a gluten free white chocolate mud cake for some time and with a little help from the Well and Good marble cake my dream has become a reality. For this cake I really wanted to use the Pink Icing that comes with the marble cake mix, but unfortunately my daughter ‘baked’ with it […]