6 Gluten Free Recipes to Satisfy the Biggest Chocolate Craving

gluten free chocolate

Chocolate. It’s such a simple food, yet few flavour profiles offer the same satisfaction that chocolate does. It doesn’t always need to be pure chocolate to satisfy your craving – a yummy chocolate flavoured dessert will also do the trick! To help you out with your next chocolate based dessert, we’ve pulled together six gluten free […]

6 Tips to Avoid Gluten Cross Contamination

6 Simple Ways To Avoid Gluten Cross Contamination We’ve compiled a list of tips for avoiding gluten cross contamination. Now depending on the severity of your gluten intolerance you may put more effort into this that others. 1. Use separate kitchen appliances 2. Label gluten free containers, utensils 3. Avoid bulk bins 4. Separate butter […]

Gluten Free Flour Guide

gluten free flour guide

Get the information you need to make your own gluten free flours that are packed with nutritional goodness. Check out the infographic below which provides a summary of many flours that are great alternatives to wheat based flours. Gluten free flours can be broken up into three main types: light, medium and heavy based flours. […]

Gluten Free Conversion Chart

gluten free conversion guide

There are a huge number of amazing recipes online but a lot of these recipes aren’t gluten free. For coeliacs and anyone else on a gluten free diet, it’s a big challenge converting the original recipe into a gluten free recipe. Until now that is! Thanks to this handy gluten free conversion guide you can […]

Gluten Free Facts

Anatomy of a Grain

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat. It’s also found in rye and barley but in much smaller quantities. You can see from the grain diagram below that gluten is found in the endosperm, the middle layer that contains carbs and proteins. When baking, gluten impacts the elasticity of the dough and […]