Gluten Free Conversion Chart

gluten free conversion guide

There are a huge number of amazing recipes online but a lot of these recipes aren’t gluten free. For coeliacs and anyone else on a gluten free diet, it’s a big challenge converting the original recipe into a gluten free recipe. Until now that is! Thanks to this handy gluten free conversion guide you can easily substitute wheat flour with rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch and xanthum gum.

Gluten Free Conversion Guide

gluten free conversion chart

Extra Helpful Hints

The xanthum gum is a very important ingredient – it is used to help all the ingredients stick to each other.

You’ll also need to experiment with the liquid quantities used in your recipe. In general, it is recommended to double the eggs used and also increase the quantity of liquid (eg milk).

If you have any other suggestions for converting wheat flour into a non gluten flour then feel free to comment below this page. Happy baking everyone!