Gluten Free Halloween Witch Cupcakes

halloween witch cupcakes

Witch Cupcake For a Gluten Free Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about some delicious treats! Gluten free lollies are one option; but if you’re wanting to create something that stands out then we have the recipe for you… Gluten free witch cupcakes. Enjoy.


  • Well and Good Cupcake Mix.
  • Gluten free ice cream cones 12.
  • Cacao chocolate 220g.
  • Gluten free Smarties like these ones.
  • Gluten free green and red (or any colour of choice) food colouring.


1. Bake cupcakes following the instructions on the box.
2. Place cacao chocolate in heat proof bowl and place over a boiling saucepan of water until choc melts.
3. Pour choc into a bowl
4. Dip each cone into the choc so that the cone is covered. For added yumminess, pour a teaspoon of choc into the tip of the cone.
5. Slice a small piece of cupcake off the side so that you can tip it on its side and it sits without tipping over.
6. Mix up the Well and Good Icing following the box instructions.
7. Using 4/5 of the icing, add your preferred colour that you’d like you witch to be. We suggest green!
8. Cover the cupcake with icing until it looks nice and smooth.
9. Add Smarties for eyes.
10. Another alternative for the eyes is to use white and brown icing (see pic above).
11. Using the remaining 1/5 of icing, add red colouring and add to a piping bag. Use icing for the witch’s lips.
12. Make sure there is a good amount of green icing on the top of the head and then add the cone.
13. Allow to set and then serve.