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Gluten Free Facts

Anatomy of a Grain

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat. It’s also found in rye and barley but in much smaller quantities. You can see from the grain diagram below that gluten is found in the endosperm, the middle layer that contains carbs and proteins. When baking, gluten impacts the elasticity of the dough and […]

Vegan Substitutes Cheat Sheet

vegan substitutes cheat sheet

Vegan Substitutes Cheat Sheet A quick and easy guide to substituting vegan baking ingredients. There is no egg or dairy powder residues in any of our products; however our recipes sometimes call for eggs and /or dairy products. Vegans can use alternative ingredients, and we have put together some terrific vegan recipes to substitute eggs, butter, […]

Best practice methods for gluten free baking

Today’s bakeries, unlike the facilities of thirty years ago, are more hygiene conscious. They are also are better educated in food handling and food safety which has resulted in gluten free alternatives becoming a viable option. Best practice methods for Gluten Free baking Schedule the manufacture of Gluten Free products first thing in the morning and […]