Best practice methods for gluten free baking

Today’s bakeries, unlike the facilities of thirty years ago, are more hygiene conscious. They are also are better educated in food handling and food safety which has resulted in gluten free alternatives becoming a viable option.

Best practice methods for Gluten Free baking

  1. Schedule the manufacture of Gluten Free products first thing in the morning and separately to other products.
  2. Totally clean down the kitchen the night before production and clean down immediately before production.
  3. Small bakeries can use a dedicated bowl and wooden spoon.
  4. Larger volumes or wholesale bakeries may need to use a dedicated mixing bowl and beaters, paddle or hook.
  5. A dedicated set of tins is ideal; alternatively bake in fancy baking paper or a foil to avoid cross contamination.
  6. If you are baking Gluten Free items with other products, place Gluten Free on the top rack of the oven to avoid falling crumbs.
  7. Validation via laboratory testing will provide in-house and consumer confidence in your business.