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Gluten Free Pineapple Cake: Made With 2 Ingredients

gluten free pineapple cake

I have been seeing a great number of 2 ingredient cakes kicking around the internet. Mostly  their core ingredient is a cake mix and then a flavour is added. Our previously posted 2 Ingredient Lemon Slice was one such wonder. I had great success with it in my kitchen, although over on Well & Good’s facebook […]

Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

Gluten free lemon cupcakes

Recently I read an article that proclaimed Cupcakes dead! A craze no longer supported and that everyone has now turned to recreating the donut as the latest thing. I beg to differ. There is something very satisfying about having your own individual complete cake to eat how you see fit. My kids, they take out […]

Gluten Free Frittatas Recipe

gluten free frittatas

This super recipe for mini zucchini slice, or zucchini bites is from my daughter’s kindergarten.The kindy recently had a baking lesson at school. One of the lovely mums, Katrina supplied this recipe and stayed for the day to help the kids bake. Cooking with kids is such a great way to get them involved in […]