Our Favourite 3 Reduced Sugar Cake Recipes

banana bread

Making gluten free cakes can be a challenge. Ensuring they’re also low in sugar is an even bigger challenge! That’s why we’ve pulled together our favourite three recipes that have reduced sugar. Naturally, they’re also gluten free. All three recipes use cake mixes from the Well and Good reduced sugar range. We developed these products after conducting a lot of customer research. The message was clear that gluten free is good, but the extra sugar isn’t.

Why use a cake mix to bake reduced sugar cakes?

  • It’s almost guaranteed you’ll bake really good cakes every time.
  • Baking is easy. Just add your own extras to the mix and you’re done.
  • Peace of mind. Well and Good mixes are made in an allergy free factory.

It’s time to get baking. Check out these recipes below and get started today!

reduced sugar banana bread

Banana Bread

It’s hard to find a cafe or bakery in Australia that doesn’t offer their own version of banana bread. It’s an Aussie classic and we love the stuff. The main issue with this treat is that it tends to be full of sugar. Now with this recipe. View the recipe>

Reduced sugar muffins


They’re a great option for kids lunches. The only problem is, many schools are cracking down hard on sugary snacks at school. This recipes is a reduced sugar option. Adding some lovely fresh berries will help them achieve their 5+ of fruit and veges. View the recipe>

Reduced sugar banana cake

Banana Cake

Another cake that many enjoy, this recipe the traditional banana cake and chops out 40% of the sugar. View the recipe> Got you own favourite gluten free cake that’s also low in sugar? Get in touch and send us the recipe and a high res picture. If we publish it we’ll send you a surprise gift pack full of gluten free goodies.