Gluten Free Wonton Recipe

Gluten Free Pastry FlourWe’re pleased to bring everyone this gluten free wonton recipe to try out at home. Jill, from Elsternwick, was kind enough to send us this recipe and has let us know this is a Work in Progress for her; however, the results Jill has achieved so far have been really good.

One of our team also tried out Jill’s recipe with good results (see picture below of how they came out).

You will need

250ml water
45ml Canola oil
400g Well and Good Pastry Flour

500g extra lean pork mince
6 spring onions finely chopped
1 carrot finely diced
1 very small piece of cabbage, chopped small
1 tin of water chestnuts, drained and diced small
About a tablespoon of Massel chicken stock powder
A good splash of fish sauce and Fountain soy sauce


1. Using a food processor, mix water, oil and flour until well combined into a dough.
2. Chill pastry for a short time in the fridge.
3. In a bowl, add pork mince, spring onions, carrot, cabbage, chestnuts, chicken stock, fish sauce and soy sauce. Mix until combined.
4. Take pastry mixture out of fridge and roll out thin sheets between two sheets of baking paper.
5. Cut out circles using an 88mm cutter.
6. Place small amounts on pastry circles. Fold and seal as if making ravioli. Water or egg for sealing was not needed.
7. Steam the won tons for around 15 minutes or until tender and cooked through.
8. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce.

Tips for a better wonton

Gluten free wonton recipeTip 1: Before adding the filling to the wonton, cook a small amount in the microwave for 30 seconds and taste test.
Tip 2: You can also deep fry these wontons but the end result is better when steaming.
Tip 3: Try placing the pastry in the freezer and cooking from frozen.

Can you improve on this recipe?

We’d love for you to have a go at this recipe and let us know your thoughts. If you can improve it free to send us your improved recipe in the comments section below or share on Facebook.