3 Kids Gluten Free Recipes That Everyone Will Love

While gluten free snake sandwiches probably sound amazing to kids, most parents would cringe at the thought of this combination. Finding tasty treats that kids and parents agree on can sometimes be a challenge! So we’ve pulled together our collection of 3 kids gluten free recipes that everyone will be happy with.

Kids gluten free recipes

1. Savoury Scrolls

Is there anything better than a freshly baked savoury scroll? Kids are intrigued by the look of them and at the same time devour them hungrily. Create these gluten free scrolls easily by using Well and Good’s Crusty Bread Mix.

Get the recipe: Gluten free savoury scrolls recipe.

2. ANZAC biscuits

Every Aussie child should be able to eat these yummy biscuits that are easy to make and have a long shelf life. Being gluten intolerant is no barrier to eating these biscuits by using Well and Good’s Plain Flour.

Get the recipe: Gluten free ANZAC biscuits.

3. Pasties and Samosas

Pasties and Samosas are a party favourite or simply an everyday snack that the kids love. It’s easy to fill them with nutritional ingredients but don’t tell the kids that! Pasties and samosas can be made from Well and Good’s Crusty Bread Mix.

Get the recipe: Gluten free pasties and samosas.

We hope our kids gluten free recipes help you out with some easy to bake ideas.

What’s you favourite kids gluten free recipe?

Feel free to leave a comment below with your favourite of these three recipes – even better, let us know your own gluten free recipe to provide our readers with more ideas and inspiration.