Spotlight On Our Gluten Free Plain Flour

Anzac biscuits using gluten free plain flour

Gluten Free Plain Flour

A versatile wheat free flour with many uses

With Coeliac Awareness Week kicking off on March 13th, we thought it’d be a good time to put a spotlight on our gluten free plain flour. For those Australians that are diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease, or those that are sensitive to gluten, one of the first things they’ll do is look for gluten free food alternatives. Although many finished products contain gluten, cooking from scratch will provide a huge number of gluten free food options.

The Well and Good gluten free plain flour is a versatile flour that allows you to create a wide range of recipes that call for traditional wheat flour. It’ll work well with most recipes and, in particular, is suitable for cakes, sauces, breads and biscuits. For those that like a hit of extra nutrition in their food, this flour also contains quinoa and calcium!

What’s in this gluten free flour?

Well and Good’s plain flour uses a mix of several non-gluten grains. These include tapioca starch, rice flour, potato starch and quinoa flour. There is no corn starch added so this is an excellent option for those that have corn allergies.

What can this flour be used for?

ANZAC Biscuits: It is hard to beat a crispy ANZAC biscuit. This is one of our favourite recipes using our plain flour. Get the recipe!

Bechamel Sauce: Feel like a yummy lasagne for dinner? It’s easy to make creamy bechamel sauce using this recipe. Just remember to buy gluten free pasta or make your own using our Pastry Flour.

Turkish Gozleme: Follow this recipe to make these delicious snacks that are very easy to make.

Choc Chip and Pecan Cookies: Add one of these to the kids lunches and you’ll be very popular! They are perfect for school lunches or for a quick sweet snack at home. Get the recipe!

It’s time to get busy in the kitchen!

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