Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

Here’s a simple vegan recipe for baking a decadent, rich, yummy chocolate mousse cake. This cake consists of a cake base topped with a chocolate mousse and finally a light sprinkling of cacao and raspberries.

You’ll need the Well and Good Mousse Cake as well as flaxseed oil, coconut cream and oil. You’ll need to start this cake the day before you want to eat it as the coconut cream will need to be chilled overnight.

This cake is perfect eaten on its own or why not add a scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream to really get the party started! You can get that recipe here.

Video Transcript:

Hi, today I’m going going to show you how to make a vegan version of the the Well and Good Chocolate Mousse Cake. The recipe’s on the back but today we’re replacing the eggs with flaxseed and water, the butter with oil, and we’re going to replace the cream with lite coconut cream. Now let’s get started.

You’ll need:

One packet of Chocolate Mousse Cake, 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseed and an additional 9 tablespoons of water to combine with the egg replacer. For the butter we’re going to use 70ml of rice bran oil and 125ml of water.

Now the mousse topping we’ll need a 400ml can of coconut cream and the mousse topping mix in the box.


So the first thing is to put your coconut cream in the fridge overnight and that’ll separate the liquid from the solids.

And now I’m going to make my egg replacer. I’m just going to pour my water in and give it a quick mix and we need to set this aside while we get everything else prepared so that it hardens up.

So this is what the flaxseed looks like once it’s been combined with water. I’m just going to pop that all in the bowl and stir for about 2 minutes until it’s really nice and solid.

I’m going to make it really nice and flat and even all the way around and we’re going to put this into our preheated oven for about 40-45 minutes.

To make the mousse I’ve got a chilled bowl that I’ve put in the fridge for about half an hour and I’ve got my coconut cream which I’ve separated out of the liquid so it’s nice and solid. And now we’re going to beat that for about 2 minutes until it’s nice and thick.

Now that soft peaks have started to form we’re going to add our chocolate mousse topping.

Our cake’s out of the oven, it’s cool and it’s ready to top so I’m going to put it on a lovely plate and get started. What you can do is use a plastic cake form that will give it a nice edge. For today I’ve made my own out of cardboard and baking paper. We’ll top the cake now with my mousse. Smooth is around to try to get a nice even topping.

Well, here it is, the Well and Good chocolate mousse cake mix. Today we made it vegan but it’s gluten free and the regular recipe is on the back of the pack. It’s indulgent, it’s delicious, try it for your next dinner party.

Until we see you again, bye!