5 Unexpected Sources of Gluten

sources of gluten

5 Unexpected Sources of Gluten

We have listed a few sources of gluten that might surprise people who are new to living a life free from gluten. It is important to point out that, within this list, not every brand will contain gluten. So make sure you do some research or read the labelling to make sure you know what you’re getting.

1. Kids play dough

Such an innocent kids passtime can actually become problematic for coeliacs as the dough is often made from wheat. The best option here is to make your own using a recipe like this one which uses rice flour.

2. Alcohol

No I hear you shouting, please say it isn’t true! Well, if you enjoy a drink then you’ll be pleased to know that wine and many types of distilled spirits are ok. The issue is mostly focused on beer which uses ingredients like wheat, rye and malt. There are some gluten free beers available but the range is somewhat limited.

3. Lollies

Many types of lollies are made from wheat so be sure to read the labels carefully.

4. Medication

Once again, check labels and ask questions of the pharmacist if you are unsure.

5. Beauty products

Products like toothpast and lipstick can contain gluten so check the labels. It can be hard to decipher whether a beauty product contains gluten so, if unsure, check with the manufacturer to confirm if the product is safe.