4 Gluten Free Xmas Recipes Anyone Can Make

gluten free xmas recipes

4 Simple Gluten Free Xmas Recipes

The holiday season has arrived and the chances are, you’ll be entertaining guests at some stage over this period. For some, it can be a challenge when faced with a guest who can’t eat gluten. To help you out we’ve pulled together a few gluten free Xmas recipes that are ideal for this time of year. We hope you enjoy.

1. Crisp Bread Crackers

If you have a bag of Well and Good’s Award Winning Bread you can easily make crisp bread crackers packed with the goodness of spirulina and sunflower seeds.

Get the recipe here for crisp bead crackers.

2. Christmas Cake

Finding a great tasting Xmas Cake can be a challenge, but now you need look no further. This recipe allows you to bake a delicate, spicy cake that’s chocker block full of cherries, dried fruit and of course, brandy.

Get the recipe here for Christmas Cake.

3. Pouring Custard

A simple recipe to create gluten free custard that is just as good as normal custard. Custard is perfect on its own or why not bake a gluten free sponge and combine with custard to make a trifle.

Get the recipe here for Custard.

4. Xmas Gingerbread Men

Create these scrummy gingerbread men and get the kids involved in decorating in an Aussie theme. Tasty and fun!

Get the recipe here for gingerbread men.


Happy baking and a very Merry Christmas from all our team.