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Soy and ingredient 471

So I hear you say, what is ingredient 471? We got the low-down direct from Well & Good’s Technical Manager, Mark Tunchon.

471 (from SOY) is an emulsifier/whipping agent that acts to maintain oil and water emulsion so they do not separate into layers, for example in our Sponge Cake Mix it helps create the light fluffy sponge you love so much!

The 471 ingredient that we use alone; does not contain nor is it derived from soy. However, there is one particular emulsifier mix that is used in a select few products, that is partially derived from soy. In these cases, we do label the products as containing SOY. It is also important to note that there is no detectable soy protein in these products; the protein is usually the cause of reaction in people who have a sensitivity/allergy to soy.

There are only three Well & Good products that contain the emulsifier mix these are our Sponge Cake Mix, Cup Cake Mix and Self Raising flour.

We do use the indiviual ingredient 471 in our Chocolate Mud Cake Mix, this 471 is not derived from any form of soy and therefore the product happily wears the Free From Soy label.

Well & Good is an allergen free facility, please be assured that there is no 322 (soy lecithin) or any other SOY product on site at the facility at all. There is no gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts (tree & peanuts) allowed at the facility and we are audited regularly to ensure we maintain these strict standards.



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  1. Susie Siertsema

    Thank so much for clearing up the confusion that I had concerning your products and 471. I am coeliac and allergic to soy, as are my two young boys, so it’s great to get the clarification. Thank you, Susie

  2. Margaret

    Thanks for that great information, l am also allergic to soy and gluten I’m not sure if some 471 emulsifiers are made with soy or not. Some are ok for Halal vegetarians others are not l can’t quite understand all of the details.l don’t know what to eat and what not to eat

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