How Are We Helping To Keep Online Delivery Safe?

Customer receiving package

Our Quality Team at Well and Good work tirelessly to maintain strict standards that comply with Food Safety Australia & NZ. In addition to this we are certified by Coeliac Australia, HACCP, SQF, and RSPO amongst others. Gaining these accreditations requires regular auditing to ensure that our company is complying with the required standards. But more importantly, we know that the food produced in our factory won’t hurt the valued customers who we make it for.

Our online store has always been a clean, organised section of the business. But as the coronavirus hit earlier this year, we decided to make further changes to our packing procedures. Would you like to know what Buy Gluten Free Direct is doing to help keep its customers safe? Keep reading to find out more.

Five steps to a hygienic online store

With the heightened health concerns surrounding COVID-19, we took a very close look at our online store. Here are the precautionary measures we have implemented to help reduce the risk of contamination within our online packing area.

1. Sanitisation

All surface areas are sprayed with a 70% alcohol sanitising spray prior to each packing shift. At the end of the shift the surfaces are sprayed again.

2. Hygiene

It almost seems too simple, that cleaning hands is a major part of slowing the spread of coronavirus. But it works. Simply wearing protective clothing often isn’t enough as contamination of gloves can occur. So, before applying any protective wear, the team thoroughly wash their hands.

3. Protective clothing

All online store packers wear a protective hair net, face mask, and gloves during their shift. Below is one of the team hard at work today. Sorry the picture quality isn’t the greatest, the light in our packing area is not ideal photo taking. As you can see, there is a protection layer between your order and us.

4. Australia Post

When your parcel is collected, our staff have no contact with Australia Post pick-up drivers. No pickup forms are signed to reduce another contamination point. In addition, Australia Post have implemented their own strict hygiene policy, when dropping off parcels to your door.

5. Government restrictions

Staff have been educated on social distancing. Also, gatherings of more than two people are not allowed, and only one staff member per four square meters of space occurs in their workspace.

Summing up

We take our duty of care seriously. Although there are no guarantees, we have taken every precaution possible to ensure a coronavirus free business.

The next link in the chain is Australia Post, who have also implemented a strict set of rules for hygienic parcel delivery.

The final link is you, the customer. When cooking with our products (or any food), wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before cooking. If we all play our part, then we can put a stop to the spread of COVID-19 in 2020.