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New Gluten Free Range Arrives

Announcing our new gluten free range

It’s an exciting time at Well and Good with the launch of the new gluten free Superfood Range. A selection of cakes, slices and pancakes that taste amazing and come with a superfood punch! As always, these products are gluten free and produced in Melbourne, Australia. Our factory is an allergy free, purpose built facility that ensures there are no traces of any gluten in our baking mixes.

So what’s new in our range?

Chocolate Mousse Cake
A decadent, moist cake topped with a thick layer of creamy mousse. Very More-ish!

Chocolate Pomegranate Slice
A rich tasting slice complemented with the slightly tart flavour of pomegranate.

Lemon Coconut Slice
Sweet coconut enhanced with a dash of lemon tang and a sweet twist of Goji Berry.

Red Pancake Mix
A slightly sweet pancake that contains pomegranate and raspberry.

Green Pancake Mix
A savoury pancake option that contains Kale and Spinach.

More gluten free products on the way

This is the start of a busy year for Well and Good with lots more exciting new products being launched over the coming months. In addition to the existing baking mixes Well and Good will be bringing a completely new range that we think you’ll love. To be the first to know when more products are released like us on Facebook or add your email to the signup form on our homepage.

Tell us what you think

We would love for our wonderful customers to give this new range a try – we’re sure you’ll love it! If you have any comments please send us an email or use the comment form on this page.