Gluten Free Christmas Pack

Gluten Free Christmas Baking… Sorted.

With Christmas luming up fast, it’s that time of year to start planning what foods you’ll be serving up over the festive season. If you’re cooking gluten free, it can be a challenge to serve up all the Xmas favourites. That’s why we put together the Well and Good Christmas Pack – it puts the power back in your hands.

Traditional trifle can be made using the sponge mix and custard powder. Toss some cherries into the mud cake mix to create a black forest cake. Use the all purpose mix to whip up a Xmas cake and gingerbread men that won’t last long on the table. If you enjoy Xmas cookies then the premium biscuit mix has you covered.

christmas baking packWhat You’ll Receive

1 x Sponge Swiss Roll mix
1 x Instant Custard Powder
1 x Chocolate Mud Cake mix
1 x Biscuit mix and
1 x All Purpose Cake mix

We offered this pack last year and it was extremely popular so we recommend you get in early to ensure your order arrives well before Christmas.