Mug Cake Cooked In Oven

Mug cake

How to Cook a Mug Cake in a Conventional Oven

Our Cake in a Mug range is perfect for those short on time. Slap the mix into a mug, add some milk and oil then microwave for 2 minutes. But what about those that don’t have a microwave? No problem, simply follow the same recipe on the pack, but add the mix to an over-proof ramekin and bake on 185 degrees (Celcius) for 20-22 minutes. Simple!

Get creative with your Mug Cake

We offer a yummy range of flavours: gooey chocolate, salted caramel and spiced banana. But you don’t need to stop there. Why not add some nutella or cherries to the chocolate cake before cooking. Add some nuts to the caramel cake and strawberries to the spiced banana mug cake.